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Local Rules & Other Rule Info

Fall 2017 Majors/Minors/Machine Pitch/T-Ball local rules (district wide)

Fall 2017 Juniors local rules (district wide)

The below is for the Spring season:

All local rules are in the document below.  It also contains by-laws and other important documents pertaining to the league.  If you need just pieces of this document, print just the pages you would like.

By-Laws and Local Rules

Below is a list of allowed bats in the majors division and below.  The link should be current but you should check that the date listed in the first few paragraphs and at the bottom of every page is for the current season.  Note that the bat still must meet all requirements of Rule 1.10 (length, weight, diameter: can fit through bat guage card, markings, etc) even if it's on the list.
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