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These rules can be downloaded in PDF form by clicking here.

Claremont American Little League

City Tournament MINORS Rules Clarification

City Tournament rules and Green Book regular season rules apply in all games.  Local Rules DO NOT APPLY.

1.      Regular season 5 run rule Will Apply to tournament games. When a team has scored (5) runs in its half inning, (3) offensive players shall be deemed to have been legally put out or batted one time thru the lineup.  That team shall then take the field and the opposing team becomes the offensive team (Rule 5.07).  Exception, if a 6th inning begins there will be no run limit.  Half innings in the 6th will continue until 3 offensive players have been deemed to have been legally put out or the offensive team has batted one time thru lineup.

2.      Green Book 4.10 (e) mercy rule (10 runs after 4 innings or 3 ½ for home team) and Congress Agenda mercy rule (15 runs after 3 innings or 2 ½ for home team) will be in effect.

3.      Games will NOT have any time limits. Play according to Green Book rules 4.10, 4.11 & 4.12. If a winner cannot be determined (i.e the game was tied before becoming a regulation game), then the game will continue the next day at 3:30pm to declare a winner.  Saturday games will continue until a winner is determined.  Note, this may delay the start of any following game.

4.      The winner's bracket and first round of games will have the home team determined by their seed. The home team will be awarded to the team with the better seed.

5.      The consolation bracket games will have the home team determined by a coin flip.

6.      Regular season rule of home team having field duty does not apply to tournament games. BOTH home and visitor must provide at least one representative to assist with field duty.

7.      Third place will be the loser of the last game in the consolation bracket.

8.      Pool Player will not be utilized during the City Tournament.

9.      Substitute players will play alternate innings in the field.  No player will sit out more than one inning in a row.

10.  The infield fly rule will not be called.  Infield fly balls must be caught to be an out.

11.  A continuous batting order will be in effect.

12.  The one-foot-in-batters box will not be in effect.

13.  The dropped third strike rule does not apply

14.  The unsportsmanlike conduct on sign stealing will not be in effect.

15.  The 2018 Little League International Congress Agenda Rules will apply.

16.  All games must end at 8:55pm.

A few reminders:

1.      Pitch count rules remain in effect for tournament play. Be aware of Green book rules for pitchers.

2.      Make sure you are familiar with the Green Book mercy rule as this was not in effect for the regular season but will be in effect for tournament play.

3.      When managers meet with the umpire before the game, please be sure they know any revised rules for the tournament.

4.      Home team is official scorekeeper. Visitor is the official pitch counter. Either team controls the scoreboard/pitch counter.

5.      HOME team reports the score. Please do this the same day so the brackets can be updated. Either/both team(s) can submit game highlights.

6.      Please ask your parents to clean up after themselves and keep the stands and surrounding areas clean.  This seems to be an ongoing issue.

7.      Remind parents of the CLL Code of Conduct. This does not just apply to parents, but to anyone in attendance watching a game.

8.      Rostered coaches (including those identified during the draft process) must participate as bench coaches unless they are otherwise unavailable to attend games.

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