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Here's another useful printout PDF from Drew Stegon.  It's a player position by inning chart to help with fielding stats.  It's a PDF where you can fill in the values on your computer before printing it out to make it look nice and spiffy.

Fillable Player Position by Inning PDF

Nick Elias shared this lineup card that is particularly useful for t-ball and farm division managers:

Lineup Card in PDF

You can also find this PDF in web page form here:

Randy Plotkin created this chart to assist with managing player pitch counts and next eligibility date.

Pitching Eligibility Chart

The document below might help with pregame warm-up exercises.  Thanks to Drew Stegon for the document.

Baseball Pre-Game Warm-Up Exercises

The below is from Drew Stegon:

I made up a little Excel spreadsheet to help me position my players and keep track of the last games batting order.  After talking with a couple coaches it seemed that a few other might be interested in it as well.
There are two version – they both do the same thing but one is for an older version of excel (97-2003 Excel)

Version for excel 97 - 2003

Here is how it works (you must enable the Macros if you get the question because there is code written behind the sheet that does stuff)
I have left some sample data in with some errors and things not filled in so you could review.
First list your players in the lower name listing (cells A17 through A28) where it says Player List and Batting Order is next to it.  I put mine in alphabetical order.
Put in the last games batting order (once this is done the first time each time you open it – if you save it – will be the last games batting order)
Press the “After Manual B.O. (Batting Order) Set Name above button.  That will put your players in the Red Batting order list at the top.
Your players names should now appear in the Batting Order List
Take the names in the Position columns/Inning rows (1-6) and clear them.  (I left my players there as an example)
You will note that not every cell is available for you to enter things in – some are locked for non-edit reasons.
As you enter a players name in the Position/Inning cell you will see the program take a short pause.  During this pause the code is working to do the following:
Check Player entered is listed in Batting Order List – If not the name will turn RED (probably spelled wrong)
Place *** in the Players Column under the Inning in the Yellow area designating the player has been listed in a position for that inning
Check that the players name has not been entered twice in the same inning.  Name will turn RED if entered twice
So, if you see a name in RED in the position/inning cells then you have either misspelled their name or have entered the player twice.
As you go through entering name per inning, you will see the “***” fill in.  As you get down to the last couple players you can easily see which players have not been used quickly by looking for the blank spaces.
Other feature – Auto Sort Batting Order  (Probably not for everyone)
I did this to help rotate the players from game to game.  This is how it works.  The first three players get moved to the bottom, but are inverted in the process.  In other words 1 becomes 12, 2 becomes 11 and 3 becomes 10.  All the other players are moved up – 4 becomes 1, 5 becomes 2 and so on down to 12 becoming 9.  Doing this will rotated through the batting order and after 8 games you will be back at where you started and each player will have batted either first or second during those 8 games and progressively down the order.  (This was written more for Farm where all players are being batted and a “batting order” in the true sense is not needed – having a “clean up” hitter is kinda pointless.)
Hope this helps those that need/want a little help keeping track.  I will fill in this form first and then once I have all my players entered and verified that they aren’t in twice anywhere I will then fill in my “QC Baseball” diagram paper for the game (which was kindly sent our at the beginning of the year).


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